Small Business Support

HR set-up to support your business to

get off on the right foot  

ideal for start-ups and

established smaller businesses under 10 employees

You know your business.  And we know what it takes to be a great employer!  Most small business owners start out because they have a big idea and want to take charge of their own destiny.  But once your business grows and you begin to employ people, you assume a plethora of legal obligations that if unmet, can result in costly legal proceedings and damage to your brand.  The Fair Work Act, Award entitlements, payroll, record-keeping, taxation, superannuation, OHS, discrimination, harassment, bullying - all businesses are required to comply with legislation covering these areas and more, regardless of how many people you employ.  Its really complicated out there!  


The Small Business Support solution supports you to meet your legal obligations by providing you with compliant employment contracts, policies, procedures, HR documentation and position descriptions.  ​And, our support packages enable you to have access to expert HR advice, coaching and support when you need it, to enable you to confidently respond to the challenges that come with employing people to work in your business.  

The solution includes:


  • HR Compliance Audit with an actionable report including recommendations aimed at reducing your risk by ensuring your business meets its employment obligations.

  • Review of applicable Modern Awards and recommendations around optimal employment arrangements (full-time, part-time, casual employees) and rostering for your business. 

  • Assessment of pay and entitlements against the National Employment Standards and applicable Modern Award/s.


  • Creation of legally sound employment contracts and position descriptions to ensure that everyone understands their duties, responsibilities and the expected level of performance.

  • Company Handbook containing a suite of commercially sound Policies and Procedures.

  • Development of HR Guides and templates (letters, forms etc), to provide further clarity around your expectations and give you the processes you need to manage all employee lifecycle events.

  • Communications to your team to support the implementation.

  • Employee compliance training.

  • Training and coaching for you and your managers,to support you to effectively utilise the policies, procedures and tools provided.


One-off Implementation fee plus your choice of  monthly Support Package (recommend Silver Support)