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Workforce Foundations understands the challenges and opportunities facing smaller businesses - and we know how to work with business owners and managers to engage employees and improve their performance.  ​Whether you are starting a new business, positioning for growth or perhaps your business has already grown quickly and you are drowning in employment administration and staffing issues...we can help.

For a small business or start-up, your initial concerns may be around how to source the right employees and pay them correctly.  As an employer, you need to navigate Australia’s complex employment laws, recruit the right people, train, motivate and retain them.   You will inevitably be on the receiving end of some pretty curly questions and sensitive situations from time to time.  If these matters are not managed well, they not only negatively impact the performance of the employees concerned but your entire workforce and can ultimately leave you exposed to legal action.  It is difficult to feel confident in your decision-making when you do not have a firm grasp on your rights and obligations and those of your employees.  Engaging a human resources professional to provide sound advice and support in these areas may seem like an investment that is out of reach, but we offer affordable, practical solutions that are accessible to even the smallest of businesses. 

As your business grows, your role as an employer grows more complicated and onerous.  To be really successful, you need to establish sound processes for attracting, employing, developing and retaining your workforce.  You have more human beings working in your business now, so the questions around leave and entitlements have increased, as have the number of sensitive matters you need to deal with.  You may even have a poor performer in your team, or someone whose attitude doesn't quite fit with the culture you are hoping to create.  And then there is the increase in administrative tasks associated with your growing employee numbers.  You're likely managing this with repetitive, manual administrative tasks (spreadsheets, lists and disparate systems that don't talk to each other).  All of this eats into your precious time and takes you away from the aspect of the business that you really need to focus on - driving revenue and growth.  It is usually here that many smaller businesses decide to source some form of HR assistance.  You probably don't need the services of a full-time HR Manager, but a part-time resource is a smart (and cost-effective) alternative.   

Workforce Foundations offers affordable HR solutions to meet these challenges and more.  Whether you need one-off advice to resolve a tricky employment issue or a full HR implementation with access to a leading HR systems platform, we have the expertise and knowledge to support you at every stage of the business lifecycle.




  • Spending too much time on employment administration and responding to queries about entitlements, leave and other staffing issues? 

  • Storing employee data in spreadsheets, disparate systems and paper-based files?

  • Unsure of your legal rights and obligations when it comes to employing staff?

  • Lacking policies and procedures that clarify everyone's rights and responsibilities and outline the process for resolving issues when they come up?

  • Not sure who to ask for advice and support on employee matters?

  • Eager to improve employee performance and business profitability and need some guidance to get the best out of your team?

we can help

  • Reduce costs and improve performance by enabling you to focus on core business, not HR administration.

  • Free your HR/Payroll/Office Manager from the administrative burden they are under, so that they can focus on  projects and initiatives that will drive improved performance and profitability.

  • Access the latest cloud-based technology to manage all of your employee records and events (no more paper files, spreadsheets or disparate systems) .

  • Minimise risk and meet your legal obligations with fully compliant HR policies, procedures and documentation and training for your Managers to ensure they can get the most out of these tools . 

  • Obtain HR support and advice when you need it. 

  • Access HR expertise to deliver projects that support your team to meet business goals and challenges.

  • Support your in-house HR Manager with an additional resource to support a specific project.

  • Proactively identify opportunities for improvement and leverage strengths, using insights from employee feedback surveys.



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